How to chart your energy

Are you judging your skills by how they measure up to the status quo? I know I’m skilled at organizing, but then wonder why I fall down at things like schedules. Why did I succeed as a managing editor, but fail as a project manager?

Using a prompt from Kerri Twigg, for a couple of weeks, I charted my energy on tasks. Using a + or – I rated whether the task fired me up or drained me. Here’s what I learned.

What I enjoy doing:
+ helping clients organize their ideas and shape their books
+ showing authors how to work well with their publishing team
+ working with creatives to chart their personalized strategy for success

What tires me out:
– explaining the minutiae of a publishing schedule
– chasing email
– scheduling meetings

All of these tasks require organization, but at different levels.

You may know you’re talented in a certain area—communication, strategy, public speaking—but your experiences don’t align with common understandings of how that skill is expressed.

If you’re posting for a job with “organization skills” as a requirement, what does that actually mean for the candidates you’re trying to attract?

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