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I offer a range of services, including coaching, editing, and publishing strategy.

And I don’t charge for my Dad jokes…they’re my gift to you.

My approach

If you’re interested in working together, please check out my blog or LinkedIn for a sense of my style, and swing by my guiding principles for insight into how I structure my business. I use a mixture of intuition and business savvy when coaching writers, honed over fifteen years working in house as an editor and editorial director. If you’re curious if we’d be a good fit together, drop me a line and we can set up a free 15-minute call.

I generally begin by assessing the writer’s strengths and opportunities, focusing on their writing and publishing goals. As Roxane Gay says, “Writing and publishing are two very different things… The only thing you can control is how you write and how hard you work.”

I believe in writers’ abilities to self-edit, and to make informed choices about their publishing strategies—what I call creative autonomy. My sweet spot is helping writers sort through their ideas so they can start writing. I apply a decolonial, anti-racist lens to working with writers, and believe in varied approaches to publishing that go beyond the traditional “gatekeeper” model.

My entry-level services are the Publishing Plan and the Manuscript Consultation, but I am open to working with writers on any type of project. Reach out and let’s start the conversation.

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Publishing Plan

With so many publishing options, the power has never been more in the hands of the author. But it can be overwhelming to choose a strategy and stick with it.

In this initial coaching call, we’ll discuss your options, from self-publishing to hybrid and traditional models. I’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each model, and tell you what you can expect from the publishing process. I’ll follow up with a written summary that includes our plan for your book.

Cost: $300

You’d then have the option to book additional creative coaching calls ($150/hour). Generally, clients book about two or three sessions with me. Whether you need support as you write, or you’d like me to read something short and give you feedback, or you’re trying to figure out your overall creative strategy and where your book fits into your business plan, I’ve got you. I offer monthly coaching packages to maintain momentum, ensure accountability, and prevent problems.

“Amanda was highly recommended to me by one of her authors as the editor/book coach to hire to help me complete a book project I’d been working on for far too long and was starting to think I may never complete. Her enthusiasm, warmth, encouragement, and sense of humour are beyond inspiring. After only two sessions I already have a concrete plan for moving forward and a renewed sense of excitement for my project that I haven’t felt since I wrote the first few lines over three years ago. Her vast experience in the editing field makes me feel confident that she will be able to help me shape my unruly manuscript into something that will inspire and entertain readers. I can’t wait to get back to work on it!” 

Lynn Jennings

Manuscript Consultation

A manuscript consultation is a quick and effective way to determine what’s working about a manuscript, and its publishing potential. A manuscript consultation (also called a manuscript assessment or manuscript evaluation) is essentially a SWOT analysis for your book, and especially useful if you’re writing non-fiction (e.g., memoir, self-help, business).

How it works: you send me your manuscript, and within 7 to 10 days I turn around a memo with questions and suggestions for improvement. Then we have a call about the memo.

What I love about the manuscript consultation is it recognizes the author’s agency in shaping the material. I give my best tips for revision, which the author can implement at a pace that works for them. The author can also steer the conversation with questions about revision and potential. That’s creative autonomy at its best.

Prices range from $1000 to $2500, based on length and complexity.

“Loved Amanda’s feedback on my script. Very specific, honest, but also practical tips on what I can improve. This has saved me days, if not weeks of revisions.”

Philipp Humm, expert on selling and storytelling

Book Proposal

The entry point for landing an agent and securing a non-fiction book deal. I’ll work with you to build your proposal, including market position, an outline, and up to two sample chapters.

Packages range from $3000 to $6500.

Full Edit

You have a manuscript, but you’ve stalled. You don’t know how to take it to the next level, you’d like the prose to be smoother and tighter, and above all: you want your book to be a success and land with your target reader.

I’ll do a complete overhaul of your manuscript so it’s ready for the next stage of your publishing plan. I have won awards for both my substantive editing and copyediting—I can help you figure out the direction of your manuscript, and polish your draft.

My work includes a memo, and two full rounds of revisions including line editing. The package includes unlimited coaching calls and email.

I’m best known for my substantive editing (aka the Full Edit) and you can read testimonials here.

Packages begin at $7500.

“Working with Amanda on my book is a highlight of my career. She asked questions that no one ever asked me before and helped me see where I could make the book even more clear for people and myself. Before I worked with Amanda, I thought an editor was someone who fixes your writing; it wasn’t like that. Amanda coached me to see a clearer narrative without losing the me-factor in the book. It was a delight to work with her.”

Kerri Twigg, author of The Career Stories Method

“Above all, an author needs an editor who ‘gets’ the story, not to mention the writer. It was my good fortune to be paired with Amanda Lewis whowith brioskillfully and thoughtfully edited my latest book. She is the rare combination of brilliant, hardworking, and fun. A total pro. I would work with her again in a flash.”

Howard Green, author of Railroader (#1 bestseller, finalist for the National Business Book Award)

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