Today I started the first session in a five-week intensive on Creative Entrepreneurship, facilitated by Artscape. Called Artscape Launchpad, the course shows you everything you need to know to start and run a creative business. Today we discussed typical (and not so typical) pathways to success, and the canvas model for determining value, customers’ needs, revenue streams, etc.

This intensive is one part of the ambitious Artscape Launchpad program, described as “a new model of creative space: part incubator, part co-working facility, and part entrepreneurship centre,” with the new space set to open in 2018.

I’ve been called an intrapreneur, a disruptor, a creative entrepreneur, a nuisance, and possibly a great many other names I don’t know about! It’s easy to feel alone when you already feel like you’re operating from the edge. I’m also starting a business that I want to operate a little outside the normal model of “freelance editor” (which, visually, means no fountain pens or vintage typewriters on my website, to start). More on all of that as I figure it out…

I’m really excited about this program because it examines the creative process and explores the nitty-gritty topics of finances, time management, and legalities. I especially liked that we touched on how the life of a creative professional is unique, and thus a program for starting “any” business (tech, private clinic, etc.) might not be applicable for our ways of working and thinking. We don’t always “measure twice and cut once,” for example…we might measure and cut and then…whoops, that didn’t work, let’s learn from that mistake and try again.

I’ll be honest: I am really tired these days. It dawned on me today that I started two new jobs in the past few weeks, immediately after wrapping up at Penguin Random House Canada. Combined with a very full trip back to the West Coast for almost three weeks…well, it’s no wonder I am exhausted! I’ve been working with my fabulous coach to set clear priorities and boundaries for work and personal time, and just being a little gentler on myself.

Being in the course today really helped, as I know I am not alone, and lots of people have the same questions about how to schedule, track invoices, and more. All that to say, I’m looking forward to next week’s session!


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