Success story: Writing needs to feel possible

Tada! Another happy client launched on her book-writing journey!

I’m helping a client develop a business book. Over the past couple months, we’ve had regular calls to figure out her book direction, audience, and category. We figured out the topics of each chapter, and the stories she’d like to tell.

Writing an outline first isn’t always necessary, but having a clear structure was essential in this case as by her own admission she has “a lot of big ideas but lacks structure.”

I assigned mini writing assignments between our sessions, so now she’s approaching her first full draft *having already written*. She has proven to herself that she’s a writer by virtue of writing, and she’s not facing a blank page.

And she did it all while running a business and moving internationally.

Writing needs to feel possible, and weave seamlessly with your life. I was there for guidance and accountability, but she did the work. That’s creative autonomy in action.

I couldn’t be prouder.

If you’d like to get ahead with your book, I’d be delighted to hear from you. Check out my writing and editing services here.

Credit: Sydney Woodward / Niamh Studio
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