Kate Harris wins the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

Kate Harris has won the 2019 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize (Nonfiction) for her debut memoir, Lands of Lost Borders. Of Lands of Lost Borders, judge Michael Harris said, This is so much more than a travelogue; in sharing her adventure biking the Silk Road, Kate Harris gives us a meditation on both our yearning to explore … Continue reading Kate Harris wins the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

Bob Joseph dominates bestseller lists

Bob Joseph's new book, Indigenous Relations, debuted on several bestseller lists (CBC, Toronto Star, and the Globe and Mail) alongside his 2018 release, 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act. Check out Page Two's post on how Bob has dominated bestseller lists since April 2018. I project-managed 21 Things and edited Indigenous … Continue reading Bob Joseph dominates bestseller lists

How to Write More

Take your work seriously. Don't take yourself seriously. Set a deadline and stick to it—don't project-manage yourself into procrastination. Make a list of resources to consult and small tasks to complete—create a checklist and work through it. Block off time—it's yours to block off. Get a writing buddy or join a writing group—accountability drives productivity. … Continue reading How to Write More