Are you writing with your head or your gut?

The New York Times recently profiled book editor Judith Gurewich. In addition to being the publisher of Other Press, Gurewich is a Lacanian analyst. Perhaps because she was trained in an aural tradition—listening to patients, asking questions—Gurewich employs a unique method for editing books: she has authors read their manuscripts aloud. “When my stomach intervenes,Continue reading “Are you writing with your head or your gut?”

There’s a lot you’re not saying

As an editor, it’s my job to poke the writer when I feel they’re not getting to the point or when they’re holding back on details. Oftentimes I’m poking a sore spot that the writer doesn’t want to address: a trauma that occurred, or a difficult theory they need to work out. We then determineContinue reading “There’s a lot you’re not saying”

Keep it light and keep it moving

I post about creativity every weekday on my Instagram page. These posts focus on practical writing tips, but are grounded in how we make space for writing, how we need to give ourselves permission to create and to fail in the process. Above all, I believe that making art needs to feel possible, which isContinue reading “Keep it light and keep it moving”