Nourishment: practices to sustain creativity

Some trees grow more readily in the forest when building on what has come before.

Take hemlocks, for example. They’re fond of growing in nurse stumps or nurse logs, like this downed Douglas-fir. That way they can be closer to the light, and find firm grounding in nutrient-dense wood.

In our creative lives, we can similarly use established practices to give ourselves a chance to root.

Some writers have a seed of an idea, and we create the conditions for it to grow: a writing plan, an outline, a first draft.

We might identify that they need more support along the way: a book proposal, an agent, a continuing education course.

They might need to get into the practice of writing: a daily diary, a Monday ritual, a sacred writing space.

And some writers turn to me for help when they’re stuck. We use a variety of practices to help them find a way forward that feels creatively nourishing. We build on their strengths, their available time, and their individual writing identities.

When they work with an editor, writers bring along someone to co-create. I’m a DIY person, but there are risks in doing it all yourself, namely burning out or not finishing. Instead of asking “How can I fix this?” ask “Who can help me with this?”

Editors and creative coaches are the “fixers” but we also need help. This week my coach helped me fall back in love with my business. I now know what I’m walking toward. We built some parameters around my time, identified the types of clients I love to work with (heart-aligned entrepreneurs, mostly), and the systems that can support me.

One of my nourishing practices is a hard stop on Friday afternoons so I can delight in creativity and nature. It’s not a new idea; it’s the weekend 😘

What’s nourishing you these days?

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