How to support authors (beyond buying books)

One of the main ways to support an author is by buying their book. Pre-orders are especially helpful as they indicate interest in the book, potentially influencing buy-in, print runs, and media attention.

But buying books is not the only way to tell an author you care. As holiday sales and promotions are ramping up, here are some ways to go beyond the capitalist model to support the creators in your life.

πŸ“š If you have extra time: Offer to babysit the writer’s children, mind their pets, take their dogs for a walk, make them dinner, do their laundry. Writing a book takes *a ton of time and cognitive energy* so if you can give the writer more time in their day, do it. Also childcare is expensive.

πŸ“š If you are an employer: If your staff member is writing a book, offer them a paid sabbatical, or a paid day each week to work on their book. Your belief in them as a creator, beyond the confines of their title or daily responsibilities, will improve loyalty and retention.

πŸ“š If you have extra space in your home or office: Offer the writer a desk or room. Even a few days a month can make all the difference. A writer can get a lot done when they have uninterrupted time to work and a door to close (pace Virginia Woolf).

πŸ“š If you have some spare cash: Send them a pizza, offer to pay for a subscription, leave a bottle of wine on their doorstep, or surprise them with a gift card to an office supply store.

πŸ“š If you have connections: Offer to introduce them to a person who’d make a great interview for their book, or who could blurb.

πŸ“š If you’re a skilled reader: Offer to read an early draft and offer feedback. Note that this feedback needs to be constructive *and* kind.

How do you support the writers in your life?

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