How to ace your book page

Here’s how to create a book page that will dazzle your readers.

It’s key to own your piece of the internet when it comes to promoting your book. Even if you have publicity and marketing support from your publisher, you still need to drive your own marketing.

A book page is a place to collect key info about your book. It’s also a primary way to direct readers where they can buy your book.

Does it need to be its own site, like, or should it be a page on your main site? Ideally you’ll buy a URL that’s specific to your book and that redirects to a page on your site. The reason is that you’ll likely write additional books, so you don’t want to be “stuck” with that old book title as your main site. If that were the case, we’d have as the site for all of Stephen King’s novels, as it was his first published book. Plus, you’ll be able to situate your book amongst your other offerings, like speeches and workshops—what I call your publishing ecosystem.

Key elements to include:

🎨 A high-res version of the cover. Ask your publisher or designer for this file.

💡 Blurbs, also called advance praise.

✍ A book description. The same version that appears on the back of your book or an online retailer is fine.

📚 Links to buy your book. Give the reader a range of options. My site for Tracking Giants includes links to buy the book on Barnes & Noble, Indigo, and through independent bookstores. That’s because indies drive the conversation in the US book market. A lot of books are sold through Amazon, and it’s a great place to gather reviews after on-sale as social proof, but you might not want to include the link on your site. Check with your book marketing team for their perspective. For me, it’s a personal choice.

📣 Any media hits that occur up to and after on-sale, like interviews and reviews.

🏆 Any “best book of the year” accolades or award nominations.

🌲 Fun resources for your reader. For my book about big-tree tracking, I included a list of my fave books about trees, a playlist inspired by and inspiring my book, and a gallery of tree-tracking photos.

Have fun with it! Your book is unique, so let that spirit shine through in your page promoting it.

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