December workshop: How to hold space for creative expression

Some combos are plain ol’ dreamy. The incomparable Kerri Twigg and I have designed a workshop to nurture your creative spirit and remind you that, regardless of your job title or your productivity, you are an artist first and foremost.

Kerri is an incredible career coach and mindfulness teacher who has helped thousands of people figure out their unconventional careers and thrive at work. She has coached me in my career *and* taught me mindfulness techniques, and I can’t get enough of the magic she brings to all her offerings.

Kerri and I began our working relationship when I edited her bestselling book, The Career Stories Method. We felt an immediate synchronicity in how we approach telling stories and nurturing readers.

I’ve worked with hundreds of writers, helping their books become bestsellers and award winners by finding what’s special about each and every book. In this workshop with Kerri, I’m thrilled to share some playful writing exercises that will help you reconnect with the artist within, and close out your year in a gentle and creative way.

This workshop will give you a range of practices—from mindfulness, drama, and writing—that allow you to be the artist you are. It’s not a bunch of to-dos or a quest to accomplish something, but an opportunity to enjoy the practice of creating.

It’s a live workshop on the morning of December 3rd, and we’d love if you joined. The workshop is USD $39 and you can register here.

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