The importance of The Sacred Pause

It happens a lot. My clients hit their deadline (nailed it!) and then…

“After a day’s reflection, I decided to tighten this scene/add this story/delete that thing I was worrying about last night.”

It’s no problem for my editing process. I just add/delete and carry on in the document.

But the recurrence highlights how important it is to incorporate breaks into your creative process. I think of these breaks as The Sacred Pause, and they’re a key method of self-kindness in writing.

If your project is due on a Monday, for example, aim to finish it on Wednesday.

I know, so early. But bear with me.

Thursday and Friday you’ll get caught up on office and home tasks. You’ll be back into your routine, which is an ideal time for your mind to chew on what you’ve written. Then, you can make your revisions before you leave the office on Friday, or in 20 minutes of quiet time on the weekend.

When you adopt an editing mindset, you can do a lot with a little time.

Here’s where I do a lot of mental revision, which I then apply to my own writing:

  • driving
  • walking
  • showering

And, as a bit of an insomniac, at 3 am. (Keep a notepad handy!)

How about you? When do you revise your work?

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