How to find your writing mojo

Wuh-oh. You’ve fallen out of love with your writing. Call it boredom or block, it happens to every writer, regardless of experience. Here are 5 practical ways to find your writing mojo (again and again).

  1. Switch the medium. Writing on screen? Switch to paper, and invest in a beautiful journal and pen. Writing on paper? Move to the Notes app on your phone, or dictate your text. Anything to vary the experience so writing is a creative act, not a chore.
  2. Just ship. Seth Godin is usually right, but definitely about shipping: “It doesn’t count if you don’t share it.” So what if your book is a year from completion? You can still write a blog post today or send out a creative newsletter. Ship something small today and ride on that feeling of completion.
  3. Buddy up. Your writer friends are also staring at that blinking cursor. Meet up in person, or share a screen for a writing sprint.
  4. Change location. Jeffrey Shaw -Coach For Self-Employed wrote about his different desks for different tasks—one for creative writing, and one for invoicing and meetings. If your space is feeling stagnant, switch it up. Write outside, at the kitchen table, on your steering wheel. Creativity wants to move!
  5. Describe the block. Really stuck? Write about it. Go one step further and write it in the style of genre fiction, say hard-boiled detective lit.

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