Five reasons to hire a writing coach

  • Get early feedback on your wildest ideas: You have notebooks, stickies, and open tabs full of ideas. Which one should you focus on? A writing coach can help you pull out the idea that has the most merit for your brand or business, or that’s the most personally satisfying to pursue. Don’t waste more time chasing down ideas that lead to dead ends.
  • Gain confidence in expressing your ideas: It can be difficult to look at a piece of writing and ask “does this work?” You need outside input (beyond your spouse or colleague). Feedback leads to revision, which bolsters confidence. The confidence you gain in your writing will have a spillover effect, improving your clarity and sharpening your voice in email, Slack, and speeches.
  • Cultivate an editing mindset: The #1 problem I see is writers’ tendency to procrastinate. Procrastination is born from perfectionism. If you don’t try, you can’t fail. A writing coach will help you start now and keep going. Adopting an editing mindset will show you that you don’t need to master it in one go—you can revise your writing until your meaning is clear and your examples are compelling. A first draft is just that!
  • Get unstuck and get going: I often say that writers need to dwell in the realm of the possible. Too often, writers try to do too much too quickly, and then…they don’t do anything. They’re stuck. A writing coach will help you build an action plan that actually works with your lifestyle.
  • Build accountability: I know you don’t just want to “write for writing’s sake”; you want to finish your article, speech, book. Consider your writing coach your key accountability partner. They can set mini deadlines and help you actually finish, so you can get on to the next project.

I have 15+ years coaching writers at every level. If you’re interested in hiring an editor and creative coach to walk the path with you, please reach out.

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