Now booking coaching clients for the fall

“Amanda was highly recommended to me by one of her authors as *the* editor/book coach to hire to help me complete a book project I’d been working on for far too long and was starting to think I may never complete. Her enthusiasm, warmth, encouragement, and sense of humour are beyond inspiring. After only two sessions I already have a concrete plan for moving forward and a renewed sense of excitement for my project that I haven’t felt since I wrote the first few lines over three years ago. Her vast experience in the editing field makes me feel confident that she will be able to help me shape my unruly manuscript into something that will inspire and entertain readers. I can’t wait to get back to work on it!”
—Lynn, memoir writer

Want to move ahead with your non-fiction manuscript? Are you ready to feel excited about your writing? I can help. 

I’m booking coaching clients for the fall. You have the option to work with me for an hour, or sign up for ongoing coaching.

I love working with writers, and it’s been my full-time job for fifteen years.

To book a discovery call, reach out.

Here’s the practical side of what I do:

  • help you see what’s worth developing in your notes and drafts, and in our conversations about your writing
  • build an action plan for your book so you actually finish your draft
  • coach you through common problems as you write and revise
  • show up as your accountability partner so you can meet regular mini deadlines for your writing, as you work toward the big deadline of a first draft or final version

Here’s the deeper part of what I do:

  • help you value creativity as a part of your daily life
  • help you fall in love with your writing and stay there
  • show up for you and your big ideas
  • see the lighter side of the writing life (jokes are included)

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