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I spoke with a coaching client who wants to rebuild his writing practice. He’s in his early forties and hasn’t written much since his university days. His memory of writing in his twenties was that he tended to go to “dark places” and that it was hard to come back from them. His exploration of these topics took over his life.

In our Publishing Plan session, we explored how to make writing a sustainable practice. I showed him how he could lightly dip a toe into these darker topics, and come back again, and how his exploration of these topics had likely changed in the intervening years. His life has changed, so his writing practice will change too.

In our hourlong coaching session, we built a plan for how he can write freely, then revise that material. He knows from his earlier time as a writer that so much potential lies in making space to review and edit his work.

We determined that one element that was missing from his writing practice was the spirit of play, and we found new ways he can fall in love with his practice all over again.

A writing practice is no different from any other practice in your life: healthy eating, exercise, meditation. It can only be sustainable if you make the practice work for you. Sustainability is built over the long-term. How can you build a writing practice that rewards you now, and in the future?

One of my goals with creative coaching is to show writers that they don’t need to become in order to be. You don’t need to be a writer; you just need to write. Writing is life.

In my career as an editor, I have helped writers out of many tight spots, in fiction and non-fiction, and I can help you too. I can show you how to fall in love with your writing, and stay there. I can give you the tools to sustain a creative life.

I’m booking coaching sessions for July and August. The Publishing Plan includes an hour of creative coaching with me, and a written summary with action steps so you can start building a sustainable writing practice now. Drop me a line to book your spot.

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  1. That’s a great perspective, that we don’t need to be writers, and instead need to just write. It can apply to any other pursuit in life too. That’s nice food for thought. Thanks for sharing!

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