So, you want to be a writer?

Too often, writing posts focus on the toil of being a writer. The rejections. The late nights and early mornings. The bleary eyes and sore shoulders. Writing on your lunch break, or while your kids nap. Stealing time away from life to write as if writing weren’t life itself.

What these posts miss:

The look of happiness on your best friend’s face after you meet your writing goal.

The pleasure of working and reworking a section, then discovering an even easier connection (it was right there!).

How joyful it can be to delete and start over…and not even miss the earlier draft.

The sound a kettle makes right before it boils.

Light catching your water glass and *poof* you’re drinking stardust.

The high roar of a ball game through the open window.

Finding twenty-five words to describe how good a spring morning feels, and not even jotting them down.

When returning to your manuscript feels as delicious as slipping between freshly laundered sheets.

Writing is work.

Rewriting is work.

We are here to do the work.

Writing is life.

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  1. I myself can totally relate to the early mornings and the pain of writing, because that’s one of the few times I can write uninterrupted before the problems of the day come attacking. But to me, the pain (or downsides) to writing is good, because I wouldn’t want to pursue things that are easy anyway. Writing is life indeed. Thanks for this post!

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