Drawing in troubled times

Each Friday, I share a book, song, video *or whatever*…something that inspires me, with the goal that it will offer you a little #fridayinspiration too.

Like you, I’m grieving and raging after the racist massacre in Buffalo, New York and the mass murder of children and their teachers in Uvalde, Texas. Gun culture cannot be reformed overnight, and we need societal change more than policy change, but every positive move gets us closer to a world of peace. Everytown for Gun Safety (link in comments) is doing brilliant work in building a grassroots movement to make change at the community and government levels.

This week, I am focusing on how troubling these times are for kids. A pandemic, climate devastation, colonial violence, racism, transphobia, mass shootings…these are heavy times for little kiddos. Children should never have to know how to run and hide from shooters. They should be able to go to school without fear, to learn, play, and grow in a place of physical and emotional safety. I can only imagine the fear that students are experiencing, in Texas, across the US, and really all over the world.

My suggestion this week is Draw Together by Wendy MacNaughton, aka WendyMac. Wendy is an illustrator, and started offering free drawing classes for kids in the pandemic. Drawing is safe play and deep work. Moving your hand, paying attention to your emotions, breathing…drawing calms anxiety. This weekend, try drawing with the kids in your life, or leave out some pencils and paper in a place where your kiddos feel safe and supported. Here are some resources to start you off.

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