How an editor can help you get unstuck

It’s common to feel stuck when you’re embarking on a new writing project. It can feel even worse when you’ve already put in a lot of work and now you’re trying to figure out what you’ve written and where to go from here.

Here are five ways an editor can help you get unstuck.

1/ Book proposal. A book proposal is a plan for your book. Generally, you prepare a book proposal before pitching your project to a literary agent or a publisher. A book proposal includes market analysis (book category, audience, comparable/competing titles), info about you (author bio), and info about your book (chapter outline, book description). It can also include key selling points (how you’re known to your audience, and how you plan to market and sell the book), which will further entice a publisher to take a chance on you and your book. An editor can help you build a book proposal.

2/ Audience analysis. If you identify your target reader before you start writing, your writing will be more focused and helpful for the reader. An editor can help you do an audience analysis: who are you writing for, what motivates them, and what problem are they trying to solve by reading your book?

3/ Outline. You’ve done your market analysis and figured out who your book is for, and what it’s about. Now, how are you going to put it all together? An editor can help you build an outline so you don’t start writing and, whoops 90,000 words later realize you’ve written yourself into a muddle.

4/ Reverse outline. OK, so you didn’t hire an editor to help you build an outline, and now you have a huge manuscript and…HELP! What’s this book about again?! An editor can work with you to build a reverse outline, also called a 3D outline, which helps you see the structure of your book. ::exhale::

5/ Coaching. Editors are professional cheerleaders. Writing can be a lonely business, full of second-guessing and 3 am ruminating. Hire an editor for a monthly coaching call to talk you through your progress and pitfalls.


I’m now taking on clients. If you need help…

– Building a book proposal
– Determining your audience and market position
– Writing an outline
– Deconstructing your manuscript

Or if you need a coach to cheer you on while you write,

I can help.

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