How to Write More

  1. Take your work seriously.
  2. Don’t take yourself seriously.
  3. Set a deadline and stick to it—don’t project-manage yourself into procrastination.
  4. Make a list of resources to consult and small tasks to complete—create a checklist and work through it.
  5. Block off time—it’s yours to block off.
  6. Get a writing buddy or join a writing group—accountability drives productivity.
  7. Read more—all the time, read everything.
  8. Carry a notebook at all times, use voice memos, email yourself, keep a Google doc open—you have resources at hand, use them.
  9. Count your words and pages every day—words are bricks, words build the foundation.
  10. Visualize the full page, not the full manuscript—a castle without a foundation will crumble.

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