Citizen Jane

I’m delighted to be speaking on a panel next week at TIFF about the legacy of Jane Jacobs. The panel, with Zahra Ebrahim and Hibag Gelle, will follow a screening of Citizen Jane: Battle for the City. Citizen Jane is about the feud between Jacobs and Robert Moses over the proposed development of the Lower Manhattan Expressway in the 1960s.

The evening will begin with a Jane’s Walk to TIFF, led by urban planner Ken Greenberg and former Toronto mayor Barbara Hall. After the film, Zahra, Hibag, and I will speak about how Jacobs has influenced our life and work. I will be speaking specifically about my work as an editor, and my positions with The Reading Line and Charlie’s FreeWheels.


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  1. Thank you for reminding me about this documentary which I saw quite a few months ago in Vancouver and still remember it well.

    I found the documentary Citizen Jane: Battle for the City quite interesting in a number of ways. First, it illustrated the effect one person could have. Two, it identified the ways in which people naturally enjoy interacting and the advantages of community spirit and relations. Third, it gave particular insight into New York City in the middle of the last century.

    I particularly remember the value of the stoop – as a place where people can gather in front of a townhouse and allow for interaction.

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