And that’s all she wrote…er, edited!

I’ve filed the stickies, shelved the dictionaries, and hung up my apron for the season. The office is now closed and I am merrily on my way to the AGO for the Mystical Landscapes exhibit.

Because when editors party, we party.
Busy editing year!

The office will reopen January 3rd, 2017. Over the break I’ll be dabbling in a few creative projects, reading bound books, teaching yoga, and generally absorbing the winter landscape.

It was a fruitful year! In 2016 I worked with a variety of clients including non-profits, publishing houses, business consultants, speakers, and more.

In October I travelled to BC to see my family and visit with authors. I hit the ground running in my new position as Project and Development Manager with Page Two Strategies. I also spoke about publishing with English undergrads and creative writing students at UBC. When I returned to Toronto I started a five-week immersion in creative entrepreneurship with Artscape, which taught me the basics of running a business. I also spoke at OCAD U about freelance vs. in-house editing. And I attended a very fancy literary gala with a certain GG- and Giller-nominated author

All in all, it has been a spectacular fall and early winter. I’m looking forward to the exciting projects that will cross my desk in January.

I’m always interested in hearing what you’re working on, so drop me a line and let’s see how we can collaborate in 2017.

Wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy holiday!

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