May I have your card?

I’m delighted to now have business cards!

My friend Tina Matei designed these cards. (Tina also designed this website.)

I hired a local printer, Nola Grimes at printNG. When I say “local,” I mean the printer is located within a twenty-minute walk of my workspace.

New business cards! No better backdrop than The Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition, of course).

I had the cards printed on Canadian-made, 100% recycled stock…see, it is possible to use eco-conscious materials for a small print run! I’m passionate about radical transparency in materials and services, so it was important for me to include the “recycled” symbol and language.

I’m excited to start handing out these cards to current and future clients, and I included them in my holiday card mailing.

Building a business requires taking a series of steps large and small, and I’m so happy to be working with local businesses along the way.

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