And that’s a wrap!

Today I finished the final class in a five-week intensive in creative entrepreneurship, offered by Artscape Launchpad. I’ve blogged previously about this course, but I wanted to circle back now that I’ve completed it.

I wholly recommend this course for anyone interested in starting a small business or re-imagining their current business. Our cohort was a mixture of jewellers, film producers, illustrators, cultural programmers, and yours truly.

I come from a family of contract workers and small business owners, so I already had a lot of support in setting up my own freelance business, but this course gave me the tools to think about my company from all angles: pricing, value, customers, goals, branding, and more. I now have a better sense of the services I offer, and I see a few ways to expand and change my business model over the next few years.

I started my career in 2008 by enrolling in a book publishing immersion at Simon Fraser University, which gave me the skills and connections I needed to move to Toronto and start an internship at Knopf Canada. It seems appropriate to be launching this new phase of my career with another intensive. I know that immersions and intensives can be very taxing on students and faculty, but it’s a learning model that really works for me, and one that is especially useful for building professional skills and connections. Stay tuned for more info on a creative intensive that I am designing with a fellow teacher…

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