I’ve blogged previously about 2016 being the “year of Jane,” with events planned around the world to honour the legacy of Jane Jacobs. Toronto is holding its own Jane100 celebrations, with “100 days of Jane” (or 100 events), from May 2016 to May 2017. The Reading Line’s “Books on Bathurst” ride in May 2016, which paid tribute to Jane Jacobs and journalist June Callwood, was one of these Jane100 events. There’s still plenty of time to visit the site and register your own Jane100 event.

To celebrate Jane as an author, as well as an influential theorist and citizen activist, John Lorinc offered a new survey of how Jane’s writings still impact how we think about cities. I was happy to offer a few reflections on Vital Little Plans, alongside Jane’s long-time Canadian publisher and a few other notable figures… Here is the full article, published in Quill & Quire.

Photographer unknown; via Quill & Quire.

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