I’m currently in a period of rapid change. I’m in the process of launching a freelance business while maintaining my job as an editor at Penguin Random House Canada (my last day is September 30th). The changes are self-induced and all positive, but I’m learning that everything they say about transitions is true…it can be completely overwhelming, and it’s tempting to try to make all the changes all at once.

With the guidance of my life coach, I’m making downtime and self-care a significant part of this transition. To that end, I’m heading north for a few days of R&R at Piebird, a vegan farm sanctuary in Nipissing. I’m looking forward to seeing Yan, one of the owners of Piebird and a friend through climate activism, and meeting his partner and Piebird’s co-owner, Sherry.

I’m also celebrating small victories. Today I set up my home office, complete with Swingline stapler and pens of every colour. I installed necessary software on my computer and established key filing procedures. I hauled an old bookshelf to the curb and tidied my house.

Little by little, I’m moving towards.

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