A book is the ideal way to share your world-changing message and build your audience

I’m Amanda Lewis. I spent fifteen years in the world’s top publishing houses, acquiring and editing fiction and non-fiction for change-makers and thought leaders. Books I edit regularly hit #1 on bestseller lists and win major awards.

I was an editor and managing editor at Penguin Random House in Toronto, and inaugural editorial director at Page Two in Vancouver. I’m one of the few editors who understands the intricacies of traditional and hybrid publishing.

Now, I work with artists and environmentalists to shape their big ideas and publish their books.

If you need help developing your book idea, shaping your book proposal or outline, or restructuring or polishing your manuscript, I can help. If you would like guidance while you write, I can support you as a creative coach.

“Amanda Lewis has been one of the first readers of my work for years. First drafts are a crucial, vulnerable time for any writer, and Amanda’s close reading, insightful comments and palpable excitement about story and craft, are both clarifying and motivating. She’s a true pleasure to work with.”

John Vaillant, award-winning author of The Golden Spruce
Credit: Rush Jagoe

“If I might speak honestly here … editors typically hate me. I’m pedantic, elusive, exhausting and overly opinionated. So it takes someone special to manage my ego, nudge me forward, and bring out my best, both as a writer and a person. Amanda Lewis is all that. I love The Advice Trap, and she held my hand through every stage of its creation, from roughing it out at the start to the fine finishing required at the end. And all without me going into diva mode!”

Michael Bungay Stanier, international bestselling author of The Coaching Habit and The Advice Trap

Here are the books I’ve edited in my career.